About Me

Kevin in Big Sur (2)I am interested in the idea of sustainability and how it can be applied in a practical manner to the interconnected areas of economic development, resource management, environmental conservation, and livelihoods of people and societies around the world. I am also a lover of the great outdoors, adventure enthusiast and enjoy traveling, hiking, surfing, and guitar.

“All great men whether they be poets or scientists or religious men or philosophers, are not mere readers of books, but the perusers of Nature. Men of great erudition are often lexicons in flesh and blood, but men of genius read between the lines in the pages of life. Kant, a man of no great erudition, could accomplish in the theory of knowledge what Copernicus did in astronomy. Newton found the law of gravitation not in a written page, but in a falling apple. Unlettered Jesus realized truth beyond the comprehension of many learned doctors. Charles Darwin, who changed the whole current of the world’s thought, was not a great reader of books, but a careful observer of facts.  Shakespeare, the greatest of poets, was the greatest reader of Nature and life…” – Religion of the Samurai: A Study of Zen Philosophy and Discipline


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